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Adobe Photoshop CC: Basic Techniques

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Learn to restore and retouch photos and modify images. This course will give you the hands-on techniques to use selection tools, work with layers, edit images and use brushes.
1h, 48m
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Essential Design Techniques to Restore and Edit Your Photos

Whether it’s scanned versions of old photos or digital photos you took last weekend, to make them look their best, you need to know Adobe Photoshop. In this course, taught by an Adobe Certified instructor, you’ll learn the techniques needed to give your photos a professional look. You’ll learn how to work with layers and use tools such as the spot healing brush, the healing brush and the patch.


  • How to make selections with the marquee and lasso tools.
  • Steps to modify your pixel selections.
  • Tips to use the quick mask mode.
  • Techniques to restore an old photo and give it clarity.
  • How to work with and group layers.
  • Ways to manipulate type layers.
  • Editing images with the spot healing brush, healing brush and patch tools.
  • Techniques to touch-up photos with advanced editing features.
  • How to dodge and burn by using the brush tool.
  • Advanced brush options to expand your creativity.

About This Instructor

Monastra, Stephen

Stephen Monastra

Stephen Monastra is a professional photographer. He has been teaching photography to students for more than 10 years. Monastra is also an Adobe Certified Photoshop instructor.


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