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Adobe Photoshop CC: Advanced Techniques

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Don’t let simple mistakes add hours to your creative projects. In this course, you’ll learn valuable time-saving techniques like making a single change to multiple parts of an image, color-correcting specific sections of an image, and applying multiple changes to dozens of images with a single click.
1h, 50m
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Save Time and Increase the Quality of Your Photo Projects

Taught by a professional photographer, Adobe Photoshop CC: Advanced Techniques will give you the time-saving secrets to help you accomplish your photo project with speed and style. Learn how to use masks, create and attach adjustment layers, work with smart objects and smart filters and create actions to mass process your files.

The Enhanced Learning Experience includes the actual image files used by the instructor, as well as the instructor’s own custom-designed Photoshop Action file and more!


  • Creating, editing and refining masks for images.
  • How to hide, delete and apply a mask.
  • The difference between destructive and nondestructive adjustments.
  • The method to create adjustment layers.
  • How to attach an adjustment layer to one layer of a file.
  • Creating, editing and rasterizing smart objects.
  • Ways to create and edit smart filters.
  • A comprehensive look at the time-saving use of the action function.
  • How to batch process your files.

About This Instructor

Monastra, Stephen

Stephen Monastra

Stephen Monastra is a professional photographer. He has been teaching photography to students for more than 10 years. Monastra is also an Adobe Certified Photoshop instructor.


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