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Sales Onboarding - Keys to Success

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As top sales management consultant David Leaver will tell you, sales onboarding is not a one-time event. Learn a powerful framework to help your sales professionals connect learning to growth and create effective execution to win more sales.
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Onboarding Secrets to Create Consistently Successful Sales Professionals.

Build a sales force of energized, educated professionals with the onboarding secrets in this course. In the first class, sales management expert David J. Leaver begins by providing you with the “Why” of sales onboarding. Learn why a consistent onboarding process is essential to preparing your incoming sales professionals to quickly get results. Leaver concludes the first class by introducing the onboarding framework that will become a foundation of your sales process.

In class two, Leaver introduces the PEOPLE Model. You will discover the process by which salespeople learn and how it differs from traditional training methods. Leaver also provides a powerful way to connect learning with growth. You will move into class three and learn the PURPOSE Model. Find out how to generate the quick wins that build momentum for new team members, as well as a way to align your sales goals to the overall strategy of the organization.

In class four, Leaver introduces the PROFIT Model. In this class, the focus is on creating good growth for your organization. Learn about value creation and the different types of value that you can provide to customers. You’ll also learn how to focus on the critical customers who drive the majority of your business. The course concludes with a lesson in asking the right questions. Leaver wraps up the class five with ten keys to onboarding success.


  • A framework for consistent onboarding of sales professionals.
  • How sales professionals learn and what you can do to ensure success.
  • How to connect learning with professional and organizational growth.
  • Tips to incorporate social learning into execution.
  • Ten keys for onboarding success.

About This Instructor

Leaver, David

David Leaver

David J. Leaver is the founder and president of Opus Partners, a boutique sales strategy firm that focuses on every aspect of sales from pipeline management to training and productivity. Leaver and his organization have improved the growth and effectiveness of more than 150 clients. He is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator who drives sales management to see the critical importance of building great relationships by seeing things from the buyer’s perspective.


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