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Interview Skills to Get You Hired

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Take the intimidation out of the interview process and get the job you want. This course will provide you the necessary skills to help you prepare for the interview, perform at your best during the interview and correctly follow-up.
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Make an Unforgettable Impression and Get Hired.

Before you can advance your career, you need to clear the interview hurdle. This course, taught by executive coach and hiring expert Karen Huller, will enhance your interview skills and make you a more appealing prospect.

The course begins with what you need to know before you set foot into a conference room. Huller provides a detailed discussion of the hiring process. Learn what goes on behind the scenes when a company is searching for talent. You’ll also learn about your primary objective in an interview and why it can make the difference in whether or not you receive an offer.

The second class provides critical instruction to help you strengthen your performance in an interview. Huller gives you tips to help you generate momentum before you arrive at an interview. You’ll also discover why it’s important to do your homework. Huller helps you pull out the essential data from the variety of information sources at your disposal. An essential lesson in this class is how to create anecdotes and build your personal brand to make you a distinct candidate.

The third class walks you step-by-step through the day of your interview. After years of interviewing potential hires, Huller has a sharp sense of interview etiquette. Learn why appearance is still critical, even in the era of a relaxed workplace. Find out the proper etiquette for an interview and how to recover if you make a mistake during a conversation. Most important, Huller spends a portion of time describing the behaviors you should avoid at all costs.

The course concludes with a lesson in one of the most difficult aspects of the interview process: following-up. You’ll find out what is considered appropriate and how to avoid being overbearing when trying to reach the next round of interviews.


  • Your primary objective in any interview.
  • How to generate momentum before you go in for an interview.
  • Why you need to find a sponsor and do your homework.
  • The interview behaviors to avoid at all costs.
  • The questions you should be prepared to answer and ask in an interview.

About This Instructor

Huller, Karen

Karen Huller

Karen Huller is the founder of executive career coaching firm Charesume and personal branding company Epic Careering. She has extensive experience in recruiting and executive search. She is a member of the Career Management Alliance and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She has spoken at events on subjects such as mobile recruiting and mobile job searching markets.


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