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SoundviewPro offers a pertinent and up-to-date library of competency-based courses.SoundviewPro for Organizations


SoundviewPro is a fast-growing library of online courses focusing on the business and software skills necessary to succeed in the world today.

Each online course consists of a group of classes broken up into short video segments. The short videos allow for easy display on mobile devices and tablets. Each trainer is an expert in their field and Soundview brings that expertise to the forefront in these business skills courses.

How Do the Courses Work?
As a Learning & Development professional you are constantly pressed to find new content for your company's training and development needs. SoundviewPro offers a convenient and affordable way to source and administer professionally-produced courseware for your organization. Whether your focus is a small team, a single department, or your entire enterprise, SoundviewPro offers you access to some of the brightest minds in business and technology.

With over a 100 courses currently available and more being added each month, we can build a custom course library to meet your needs. SoundviewPro also offers easy-to-use administration features that allow you to enroll participants and track progress on an individual basis.

To learn more about SoundviewPro, please contact:
Ursula Sharp
[email protected]
484-730-1270 x713

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