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Transform Your Organization with the Executive Checklist

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Learn how to better set your organization’s direction and manage change. In this course, taught by veteran expert management consultant James M. Kerr, you’ll learn to develop a strategic plan, engage your employees and help create your company’s vision for the future.
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Achieve a Better Future, Master Strategic Planning and Engage Your Staff

With the non-stop pace of change, you need to be prepared to create a vision for the future and a flexible strategic plan to enable your company to reach it. This course begins with a class on creating your company’s vision story. You’ll learn why it’s critical to direct your focus on the people, process and systems that determine whether your organization succeeds or fails.

In class two, you will delve into the crucial leadership skill of strategic planning. James Kerr introduces a six-step methodology that takes you through everything from creating a strategic framework to the development and administration of your plan. You’ll find out how to perform a baseline assessment, create a target definition and identify the gaps in which opportunity exists.

The third and final class focuses on the most important component for leaders: the people on your team. You’ll learn what creates staff engagement and why it begins with you. Kerr provides important insight on how to inspire early adopters and get them on board with your vision. To help your team stay on-target and upbeat, Kerr also includes lessons in effective ways to measure results and celebrate your team’s achievements.

Throughout the course, Kerr provides you with reinforcing examples from real-world case studies. By running each concept through the filter of various successful global organizations, you’ll be able to quickly apply what you’ve learned to your own company.


  • How to craft your company’s vision story.
  • Why you need to focus on people, process and systems.
  • The six-step model for strategic planning.
  • Why employee engagement begins with you.
  • Best practices to measure results and celebrate achievement.

About This Instructor

Kerr, James M.

James M. Kerr

James M. Kerr is a management consultant, organizational behaviorist and Inc. magazine columnist. He specializes in strategic planning, corporate transformation and project and program development. For more than 20 years, Jim has forged a different type of consulting practice - one that does its engagements “with” its clients, instead of "to" them. He is the author of The Executive Checklist, The IRM Imperative, Inside RAD and...

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