Paid to Think: Tools to Lead Transformative Change

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Take charge of your organization’s future with the leadership tools in this course. David Goldsmith will take you through models of thinking that focus on the strategic and enterprise levels. You will also learn a breakthrough method to create better, more accurate forecasts.
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Create Your Company’s Future and Deliver It.

Great leadership requires great thought. However, many of the existing tools for today’s leaders are focused on surviving the present rather than creating the future. The tools provided in this course will help you guide your organization from a proactive position.

The tools taught in this course include a new model for strategic thinking, one that provides a better approach to planning. You’ll also discover the interconnectedness of the problems faced by all organizations. Solving these problems requires leaving the crowded street-level view and taking to the skies to see the view from 50,000 feet. Learn a more economic approach to thinking that will help you move from your current role to any role in the organization.

No company or leader should attempt to tackle tomorrow without the set of forecasting tools in this course. First, you’ll learn the tools of good forecasting, then you’ll learn the ways to improve and mistakes to avoid.


  • How to leverage the Cyclonic Strategic Thinking Model to create a better approach to planning.
  • Why the Enterprise Thinking Approach can help you solve the interconnected problems in business.
  • Why you need to adopt a new perspective in leadership thinking.
  • How to use the Goldsmith Productivity Principle to accomplish more.
  • The essential tools to create a forecast that considers scalability, sustainability and the future.
  • The 11 forecasting mistakes you need to avoid.

About This Instructor

Goldsmith, David

David Goldsmith

David Goldsmith is a consultant, advisor, speaker, telecast host and author. He is the president of Goldsmith Organization and holds an MBA from Syracuse University. Through his work with leaders from around the globe, David is the developer of the Enterprise Thinking model, a holistic approach to leadership and management based on the activities and tools that all decision makers need to solve challenges and create opportunities.

David was named by Successful Meetings Magazine as...

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