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Structural Cybernetics

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Does your organization seem to run into hidden roadblocks? Poor organizational structure could lead a company full of talented people to numerous dead-ends. Learn a groundbreaking method to diagnose and assess your organization and provide it a structure that creates high-performance teams and improved customer relations.
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‚ÄčThe Building Blocks of a Better Organization.

For more than 25 years, N. Dean Meyer has studied the elements of high-performance organizations, as well as companies that can’t keep out of their own way. Through his research, Meyer has carefully shaped the building blocks of what makes effective, powerful organizations. He also provides detailed analysis of the organizational structures that are designed to fail.

You’ll learn how to create a structure that gives your company the breadth and depth needed to execute complex projects that give workers much-needed motivation and a sense of accomplishment. You’ll understand the critical importance of matching authority and accountability in all areas of the business. Create better empowerment among your staff and learn to manage by results, not tasks.

There is also an optional instructor-led workshop to help you assess your own organization chart.


  • The divisions that lead organizations to fail.
  • The symptoms of bad organizational structure.
  • The Golden Rule of Organizational Design.
  • The building blocks of organizational structure and how to apply them to your company.
  • Tips to create high-performance teams that are accountable and successful.

About This Instructor

Meyer, N. Dean

N. Dean Meyer

N. Dean Meyer is one of the original proponents of running shared-services organizations within companies as businesses within a business, where every managerial group is an entrepreneurship funded to produce products and services for customers.

For more than three decades, he has implemented this philosophy in corporate, government and non-profit organizations through the careful design of culture, organizational structure, and internal market economics.

Meyer is the...

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