Presentations Using Keynote: Basics

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Take command of your next presentation by learning Apple’s Keynote. This course will teach you the basics operations of the application, including how to design and build outstanding slides.
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The Building Blocks of a Better Presentation Begin with Mastering Keynote.

A great presentation requires visuals that are memorable and eye-catching. In this course, you’ll learn the basic skills to create dazzling slides using Apple’s Keynote presentation application. This course will teach you everything from basic slide creation to adding images, formatting text and building slide transitions.


  • The interface and themes for the Keynote application.
  • How to add and insert slides.
  • The way to group and reorder your slides to add narrative.
  • Techniques to add and edit shapes, images and video/audio.
  • How to add text and create a text list.
  • A method to add animation to your presentations with slide transitions.
  • Ways to add tables and charts to illustrate your data.
  • The playback options to make your slideshow dynamic.
  • How to use presenter notes.

About This Instructor

Palmer, Ben

Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer has been teaching workshops on how to use Apple products for over 4 years. He is a former Apple Store employee and a lifelong Apple fan. He also works as a freelance videographer and graphic designer and is based in Baltimore, MD.


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Presentations Using Keynote: Basics

Very good for me. But the formatting text of the Text topic don't show full version.

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