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Microsoft Excel 2010: Fundamentals

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Start your journey to create workbooks using Microsoft Excel 2010. In this beginner-level course, you’ll learn the fundamental controls and operations of one of the most frequently used spreadsheet programs.
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The Workbook Basics that Every Beginner Needs

Whether for business or personal use, there is no better way to keep track of a large amount of data than by using a spreadsheet program. This course will provide beginners with all of the key tools, functions and tips to operate Microsoft Excel 2010.


  • How to use the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • What do to with the elements of the Ribbon Tab.
  • The fundamentals of the Excel interface.
  • How to use Dialog Box Launchers.
  • Shortcuts to create, save and close a workbook.
  • A comprehensive guide to available templates.
  • How to format your workbook project.
  • Steps to set up your page layout.
  • Techniques to insert tables, illustrations and charts.
  • The basic options for proofreading and reviewing your workbook.

About This Instructor

Zarbatany, Donna

Donna Zarbatany

Donna Zarbatany has worked with multiple workforce development programs to further the use of Microsoft Office products including Word and PowerPoint. She has extensive experience teaching in both classroom and corporate settings, and holds a Masters Degree in Education from Drexel University.


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