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Would you like to have the kind of culture that powers companies like Apple, Zappos and Google? Learn what it takes to build a community that is full of pride, trust and passion.
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Create a Legendary Culture that is Highly Engaged and Fiercely Loyal

There are few things that can drive a business toward great prosperity more than an engaged and motivated work force. Instead of creating teams of employees, this course will help you build the kind of fiercely loyal community that puts boundless energy into achieving greatness and satisfying customers.

The first class will help you understand the five major returns on investing in building a fiercely loyal community in your organization. In the second class, the instructor will take you through the steps to make community happen. You’ll start the process by discovering the exact reasons why you want to build a community in your organization. Learn how to create the frame on which you will build your community. You’ll also learn how to identify the early adopters who will give your community the momentum it needs during the early days of creation.

From this point, you will discover how to recruit community members and the three must-have structural elements that keep people engaged. The instructor also provides insight into the hallmarks of legendary culture and how your organization can maintain them as you grow.

Finally, the fourth class gives you the tools that help create value and empowerment in your organization. The instructor points out that to get the most out of the Fierce Loyalty Accelerators she provides, you should first complete the work from the other three classes. Once accomplished, you’ll build the pride and shared experiences that cement the bonds of a legendary culture.


  • Five returns on investment for creating community.
  • How to create a frame for your community.
  • How to find your early adopters.
  • Three must-have elements of your community structure.
  • Steps to create value and empowerment.

About This Instructor

Robinson, Sarah

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson is president and CEO of Sarah Robinson Co. She is a seasoned business coach, strategist, advisor and speaker who helps business owners set their companies apart from the pack. Based in Birmingham, Ala., Robinson advises clients around the world on how to build a thriving, successful community, how to increase social media effectiveness and how to develop a remarkable online and offline business presence.


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