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Lead Your Organization to Predictable Success

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Learn to achieve repeatable success and become a synergist. Every company goes through stages and this course will give you the tools to augment your current leadership style and keep your company or team in the “sweet spot” of predictable success.
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Become the Catalyst for Your Company’s Predictable Success

Every business goes through a pattern from its inception to its demise. Consultant, entrepreneur and author Les McKeown has observed, researched and coached organizations at every stage. Along the way, he made the breakthrough discovery that certain companies have been able to achieve (and consistently work on) a cycle that enables predictable success and prevents a fall into what McKeown calls “the Big Rut.”

The course begins with a full, detailed examination of the pattern of business in the Predictable Success Model. You’ll learn how to survive the Early Struggle Stage, sell during the Fun Stage and navigate the Whitewater Stage. These early stages culminate in Predictable Success. It’s at this point that McKeown digs deeper to uncover why the very systems that pushed your company to success cause it to fall into the danger areas of the Treadmill Stage, the Big Rut and, for many companies, the Death Rattle.

In the second class, you will learn about the four leadership styles. Find out if you are a hard-charging Visionary, a results-focused Operator or a meticulous, methodical Processor. Once you learn about your personal style, McKeown will guide you through the Synergist style. Learn how this style allows you to create a culture that enables predictable success and cross-functional teamwork.

The course concludes with McKeown guiding you through the steps to blend your leadership style with the synergist style. Visionaries will receive a tool kit to slow down. Processors will learn how to let go. Operators will discover how to make themselves ruthlessly constructive in their pursuit of results.


  • The pattern of growth, success and decline that impacts all companies.
  • How to survive the Early Struggle Stage.
  • How to navigate the Whitewater Stage.
  • What allows a company to achieve Predictable Success.
  • How to handle the risk of too many systems.
  • Your specific leadership style and how it impacts your business.
  • The steps blend your leadership style with the Synergist style.

About This Instructor

McKeown, Les

Les McKeown

Les McKeown is the president and CEO of Predictable Success, a global consulting company. He advises CEOs and senior leaders on how to achieve scalable, sustainable growth and speaks to Fortune 500 companies about his breakthrough strategies. Prior to founding his own firm, McKeown established himself as a serial founder/owner, starting more than 40 companies, in addition to being the founding partner of an incubation consulting company. He is the author of Predictable Success, The Synergist,...

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