Installing an Accountability-Based Culture for Success

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Accountability is NOT an initiative. It requires a specific set of practices that help you weave it into the fabric of your organization. In this course, you’ll learn how to install and maintain a culture of accountability.
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If Your Company Suffers from Accountability Killers, Get Strategic and Build Your Culture.

Once you know the symptoms, a lack of accountability is easy to diagnose: employees covering up mistakes, leaders not practicing what they preach and both sides taking a “me-first” attitude. The damage that results from a lack of accountability can be catastrophic. This course will help you install a culture of accountability that is embedded in every aspect of your organization.

The first class begins with a lesson in the accountability killers. You’ll learn to diagnose your organization or team and recognize the telltale signs of a lack of accountability. The instructors will help you define your strategic vision until it is so clear and precise it can fit on a single sheet of paper. You’ll also define (and refine) your core values into a compact set of beliefs that both employees and leaders can exemplify.

The course continues with a class on the good, bad and ugly of accountability. You’ll begin by understanding the roots of how people learn about accountability. The instructors then move into case studies and provide examples that demonstrate the business and cultural benefit of having a strong accountability culture, as well as the disastrous impact of covering up serious issues in your organization.

Once you understand the theories of an accountability culture, it’s time to start building it in your organization. In the third class you’ll learn the instructors’ four-step process to building a culture. While this course is focused on accountability, it’s important to note that you can apply these principles to any culture you want to build. Learn how to share your vision in a way that inspires people and the action you need to take to bring that vision to life.

You’ll complete the course with a class on feedback, the most essential component of a culture of accountability. Feedback has to be more than a checklist of negatives during an annual performance review. Learn what constitutes constructive feedback that generates results. The instructors provide you with a tool, the SIS Feedback Model, to give you a repeatable method for feedback.


  • The top accountability killers that impact organizations.
  • How to create a one-page strategy statement.
  • The good, bad and ugly of accountability.
  • A four-step process for creating a culture.
  • How to use the SIS Feedback Process to increase accountability.

About This Instructor

Bedford, Julie Miller and Brian

Julie Miller and Brian Bedford

In 2001, drawing on their respective years of experience in senior global leadership at Motorola, Julie Miller and Brian Bedford joined forces to establish MillerBedford Executive Solutions. They consult with companies to provide solutions for organizational issues, with specific emphasis on strategy, culture and leadership. Their extensive business experience allows them to quickly diagnose issues that are limiting the organization’s success, prioritize the issue, then recommend...

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93 out of 100
D. Salzwedel
80 out of 100

Very Complete Course

I liked the presentation style that was used to deliver the useful and usable concepts in this course. The concepts are well founded and very teachable.

m. maricar
100 out of 100


Julie and Brian present the topic in a simple language with good examples. Now I clearly understand and have clear insights about the core values of the companies and how to hold accountable those among the employees.

A. Remote Project Manager
100 out of 100

Deep and actionable

I just completed this course of implementing the Accountability Culture within a team or a company. Found it deep and actionable in the same time. Instructors give real examples based on their consulting experiences around the world. Very helpful if you're working on any organizational culture implementation

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