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Influence with Ethics

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Learn the techniques to gain influence and maintain integrity. In this course, ethics expert Mark Pastin will instruct you on a series of tools that you can use to create positive solutions that benefit everyone.
1h, 12m
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‚ÄčTools to Reach a Resolution without Resentment.

The ability to influence others does not require you to trample on another person. There is an ethical way to influence other people, and author and consultant Mark Pastin will teach you how to gain influence and maintain respect.

In the first class, Pastin provides an extensive look into ethical ground rules. The foundation of your influencing efforts is your ability to define and work within the ethical ground rules of each situation. Pastin provides a method to reach practical solutions through the common ground you share with others.

The second class will help you understand the need to face facts and discover the interests in any influencing situation. Pastin details the three kinds of facts that can shape an influencing situation. You’ll also learn how to uncover the hidden interests that may be putting a wall between you and others.

The third class helps you hone your ethics sense. You’ll learn how to make influencing situations more personal by using a cost-benefit analysis. You’ll discover the “who” and “how” of making change happen. Pastin also uses information from two well-known psychological experiments to illustrate how proximity can change the ethical dimension of a situation.

The course wraps up with a lesson on how to gain convergence of viewpoints. There is a full recap of all the techniques discussed in the course. The techniques are sequenced to help you walk through an influencing situation from beginning to end.


  • How to discover and work with the ethical ground rules of a situation.
  • The three kinds of facts with which you will have to deal.
  • Techniques to discern and navigate the hidden interests of individuals.
  • The relationship between proximity and ethics.
  • How to gain convergence of viewpoints to achieve a resolution.

About This Instructor

Pastin, Mark

Mark Pastin

Mark Pastin is the president of the Council of Ethical Organizations, a non-profit organization located in Alexandria, Va. He is a consultant on ethical issues to organizations around the world. He has more than 30 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes and industries. Pastin is the author of Make an Ethical Difference.


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