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iCloud: Fundamentals

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Store and access your most valuable digital content with iCloud. This course will teach you how to use iCloud to store photos and music, find your iOS device and coordinate iCloud with your Mac.
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Back-Up and Share Your Favorite Photos, Music and Other Content.

Your iOS device is loaded with music, photos and other content. What if it were to all disappear in an instant? Fortunately, with iCloud, you can ensure that all of your pictures, songs and videos are safely backed-up. Learn how to keep your digital content safe and easy to access.


  • How to set up your Apple ID and access iCloud.
  • A full guide to the features of iCloud backup.
  • Steps to share photo albums with the Photo Stream feature.
  • A technique to sync your music with iTunes Match.
  • How to use iCloud to find your missing iPhone or iPad.
  • Steps to set up iCloud on your Mac.
  • How to create a Photo Stream from iPhoto.
  • How to send messages with iMessage.
  • The full range of Safari iCloud tabs.

About This Instructor

Palmer, Ben

Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer has been teaching workshops on how to use Apple products for over 4 years. He is a former Apple Store employee and a lifelong Apple fan. He also works as a freelance videographer and graphic designer and is based in Baltimore, MD.


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