How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset


You don’t need to start your own business to be an entrepreneur. Author and serial entrepreneur Faisal Hoque believes a true entrepreneur is someone who pursues an opportunity with limited resources. In this course, he gives you the skills to develop thrive in a world of change.
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Build Yourself and Your Platform to Connect with Your Audience.

How does a great idea find its way to an audience of supporters? The journey is a human one, according to author and serial entrepreneur Faisal Hoque. In this course, you will take that journey, one that can be applied to not only business, but life, as well.

Because you are at the core of your entrepreneurial venture, the course begins with you. You will learn to find and nurture your authentic self. Hoque provides insightful tips to help you pull back from the noise and stop chasing change. Instead, you will learn to heighten your awareness and become devoted to the pursuit of what matters most to your idea. You’ll also discover how to grow through the failures that are a requirement to achieve great success.

The second class helps you move from the self to the collective. Hoque helps you break down the silos that entrepreneurs often unknowingly build. He discusses how to choose your “traveling companions,” the individuals who will help form the collaborative bonds needed to grow your idea. He also provides insight into the way to make emotional connections that do more to generate effort than any financial reward could create.

Once you’ve gotten in touch with yourself and connected with others, the final class will help you create value. Go beyond a single dimension and learn how to view your surroundings as feeders for value creation. Hoque teaches you how to build a platform on which your idea will reach its audience. He concludes the course with a discussion of how to find and foster the ecosystems that support your platform.


  • How to discover your authentic self through awareness, devotion and resiliency.
  • The three components of devotion.
  • How to choose the right traveling companions for your entrepreneurial venture.
  • The best strategy to be simple and connect with others.
  • An expert method to create your platform and connect with the ecosystems that will support it.

About This Instructor

Hoque, Faisal

Faisal Hoque

Faisal Hoque is a self-professed “devoted student of life, entrepreneurship and humanity.” He left his native Bangladesh at age 17 to pursue a new life in the United States. By day, he pursued a degree in engineering and by night he worked as a janitor on the graveyard shift. From this humble start, he went on to found a number of companies, including Shadoka. His firm’s portfolio of R&D driven companies accelerates individual and organizational sustainable growth. He is...

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80 out of 100
K. Gray
40 out of 100


I felt like this course was exceedingly boring and long winded. I learned more about the author than I did about how to be an entrepreneur.

A. Norbim
100 out of 100


Excelent! A good framework for anyone thinking about being an entrepreneur.

S. Geertshuis
20 out of 100


I didn't learn much, except about the author. Needs a good learning designer's help

c. sandanshiv
80 out of 100


very good course

G. Jones
100 out of 100

Nurturing Your Authentic Self

This course is very good. Very enjoyable and packed with very good advise. Thank you Faisal for clarity and delivering valuable knowledge with enough simplicity that lead to ease of understanding. Definitely recommended.

R. Manzanilla
100 out of 100

Very good

I have found the course very well structured, inspirational and I am looking forward to practice and experience what I have learned.

S. Wallis
100 out of 100

very good

Very good course - worthwhile.

R. Ramachandran
80 out of 100

Entrepreneurial mindset

B. Singleton
100 out of 100

understanding what it takes to create value

very well said.this is the way as an individual I've always but never was able to communicate it toothers with

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