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You've reached a level of success in your career, but are you happy? World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith will help you achieve harmony between your career and your life.
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‚ÄčProven Strategies to Be Successful and Enjoy Life Now.

Great leaders love winning, but what are you losing in the process? Marshall Goldsmith has spent decades coaching the top executives in the world, teaching thousands of MBA students and authoring dozens of best-sellers. Along the way, he has seen patterns in what makes people successful but he’s also discovered what keeps people from being able to enjoy life in the moment.

In this thought-provoking course, Goldsmith brings his clinical expertise and warm, personable approach to making you a happier, more successful leader. You’ll learn the classic challenges faced by all successful leaders. You’ll discover how the contents of your wallet can be used to break long-standing behavior patterns.

The course continues with a lesson in Goldsmith’s Feedforward Method, a new approach that injects fun into personal growth. The third class is a multi-part journey into becoming a better leader and partner. You’ll learn the single most important question you can ask yourself. Goldsmith walks you through the multi-step process of personal engagement and development.

The course concludes with an examination of how to build better teams and what Goldsmith believes is the best coaching advice you’ll ever receive.


  • The challenges faced by successful leaders in every era.
  • How to discover if you have a culture of favoritism.
  • The method to listen, think and thank others when receiving input.
  • Why leadership is the ultimate contact sport.
  • How to coach others for behavioral change.

About This Instructor

Goldsmith, Marshall

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith has twice been recognized as the top-ranked executive coach in the world and one of the top 10 most influential business thinkers by Thinkers50. He is the million-selling author or editor of 34 books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. His books have been translated into 28 languages and been bestsellers in 10 countries.


Course Ratings

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94 out of 100
H. Al-gregri
100 out of 100

lots of helpful examples

short, simple and include examples for better understanding

R. Schultz, Ph.D., GISP, C.P.G.
100 out of 100


Despite the fact that Marshall constantly added that he spoke with thousands and pushed his experiences with people in high places, I think the course was useful and worth the price.

j. Chludzenski
100 out of 100

Wish I could give 6 stars

The insights and vast experience of the instructor will not only make you a better professional, but more importantly, a better person. Many thanks Marshall Goldsmith.

j. miller
100 out of 100


i really enjoyed this!! very informative knowledge. thank you so much

A. Keener
100 out of 100

My favorite course so far!

B. Maseko
100 out of 100


good and straight forward

c. espino
100 out of 100

Useful and easy

Useful strategies in order to think how to be better not only at work. Have fun, life is short!!.

R. Mutasa
100 out of 100

Great Course

I love the material,very reach and informative.I hope to do more courses by the same instruction.I now have a broader sight of how leaders should do,behave and conduct in their journey to great success.I hope I will be glad to charge my leadership ways to implement the newly learned ones.I enjoyed the course and wish to seeore on the leadership subject.It would be interesting to have full credit bearing course through Soundview.Thank you very much for creating this course.

U. Shah
80 out of 100


It was excellent to have the thoughts collated and best was, it made me think as at times, we unconsciously end up doing things as been pointed. Feed forward really works. Thank you.

P. Kavanagh
100 out of 100

Excellent and thought provoking

Thoroughly enjoyed it - invaluable insights

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