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Growing Established Brands

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Don’t just create, innovate! Take your existing brands to new levels of success by learning the growth strategies and ideation techniques taught in this course.
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Stop Brainstorming and Start Ideating Your Brand’s Growth.

You’ve probably been involved in a brainstorming session at one point or another. Unfortunately, the results of a brainstorming session do little to grow your brand. Authors and ideation experts Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser will give you enough creative wattage to make your brand shine in a whole new light.

In this course, you’ll begin by learning how to develop growth strategies. The instructors teach techniques such as framing the question you’re attempting to solve, using a positioning continuum to drive direction and breaking down barriers by questioning assumptions.

The second class provides you with an introduction to ideation and the vital role it can play in the creation of new products and services. Learn how to survive the muddled middle where ideas fall silent. You’ll also gain perspective on the nature of ideas and how they differ from every company’s favorite buzzword, innovation.

Class three is a class you’ll want to view again and again. The instructors give a personal tutorial on 16 different methods to generate ideas. These techniques have been tested and honed through the instructors’ decades of experience working with hundreds of organizations. The groundbreaking insights continue in the next class when you’ll learn about the R3 process.

The course concludes with a focused look at three specific creativity techniques, as well as a class on developing go-to-market strategies. You’ll gain the skills necessary to generate truly unique ideas, integrate them into your company and quickly bring them to market.


  • How to use positioning continuums to understand your company’s direction.
  • Why ideas are different from innovation.
  • Why traditional brainstorming does not lead to results.
  • The 16 internal, external and internal/external methods to generate ideas.
  • How to redefine a problem to more quickly reach its solution.

About This Instructor

Fraser, Bryan Mattimore and Gary

Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser

Bryan Mattimore is one of America’s top experts in applied creativity, idea facilitation and innovation management. He has facilitated more than 1,500 marketing and business strategy ideation sessions. He is the author of 99% Inspiration: A Real World Guide to Business Creativity and Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs.

Gary Fraser is a 25-year veteran of creative marketing and brand management with some of the world’s top...

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