Fundraising Isn’t About Asking

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Increase the level of engagement between your donor base and your organization. In this course, learn to go beyond asking and connect your fundraising goals with what really matters to investors.
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Engage Your Donors to Build Sustainable Revenue Streams.

Fundraising is not a transaction between your organization and a donor. You are helping a potential investor achieve fulfillment through the realization of his or her values. In this course, learn how to make the connection and establish a partnership that will continue to grow with time.

The first class provides you with a lesson in the motivations of donors. You’ll move on to learn why fundraising continues to be so difficult for so many non-profits. The third class will help you begin in the right place with a discussion of the three phases of fundraising.

After establishing the groundwork of understanding fundraising, you’ll move on to the fourth class and learn to rethink your paradigm. The fifth class will teach you techniques to help you determine the values of your potential donors.

In the final class, you will learn practical steps to execute a solicitation. You’ll also gain insight into most important thing you can do after you complete a request.


  • The five reasons for charitable giving.
  • Why the act of philanthropy is economically elastic.
  • The three phases of fundraising.
  • How to determine your donor values.
  • The steps to execute a successful solicitation.

About This Instructor

Johnson, Larry C.

Larry C. Johnson

Larry C. Johnson, CFRE, is an internationally recognized consultant and frequent speaker with 25 years of experience in professional philanthropy. He has worked with the leaders of hundreds of nonprofit organizations and philanthropists seeking to improve the lives of those around them. He is the author of the award-winning book The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising. The Association of Fundraising Professionals named Johnson an Outstanding Development Executive. The Wall...

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y. tai
100 out of 100

very good course

I has learned so much from this course. it is very knowledgeable and informative.

H. Fredrick
100 out of 100

Good Course

Straight forward, calming, informative.

S. Cardiff
100 out of 100

Great Course

Very well done and thorough course. Thanks!

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