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Final Cut Pro X: Beginner

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Learn the basic video editing skills for Final Cut Pro X. This course will teach you the basics and includes a set of media files to allow you to edit your own version of the project created by the instructor.
1h, 15m
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Gain the Critical Skills for Basic Video Editing

Whether you want to combine music and photographs or edit original video footage, this course will teach you the valuable skills to accomplish the job using Final Cut Pro X.


  • Best practices for file management, including libraries, events and projects.
  • An overview of the interface, including windows and buttons.
  • How to import various types of media.
  • Tips for organizing your files using keywords from imported media.
  • Sorting and viewing assets within the browser window.
  • How to create and apply new keywords.
  • Ways to share resources and assets between events.
  • Tips to customize your storyline appearance.
  • Rearranging and adding multiple assets in a timeline.
  • Best practices for sharing and exporting video.

About This Instructor

McKnight, Sean

Sean McKnight

Sean McKnight has more than 25 years of experience working professionally in the entertainment industry. As a videographer and filmmaker, he has produced commercials, PSAs, litigation videos, music videos, live events and corporate videos. He has worked on various movie projects since 1991 and has been a part of several feature films, documentaries and more than 50 short/experimental films. McKnight is the president of the Philadelphia-based Cinema Alliance.


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