Eliminating Workplace Drama Through Clarity

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Learn to move beyond the personal and professional obstacles that stand in your way. Marlene Chism will show you how a lack of clarity is a barrier to success that you can overcome. Cut through manipulative communication, improve your team and stop the mind drama with the lessons in this course.
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Practical Tips and Tools to Stop Drama and Create Clarity

Whether you’re a new manager or a veteran leader, you know that drama in the workplace can be a major barrier to success. This course, taught by best-selling author and consultant Marlene Chism, will give you the tools to make a positive change. In the first class, you will learn about the risks of a lack of clarity. You’ll also learn a five-part process to gain clarity.

The second class focuses on the concept of mind drama. Chism uses research from psychology and neuroscience to reveal seven ways the mind creates drama. She also outlines a method to determine whether or not you take on others’ issues, adding to your personal drama. After understanding mind drama, you’ll learn the steps to visualize a more positive story that can guide your actions toward success.

The course concludes with techniques to use communication as a strategy. Are people trying to manipulate you or are you trying to manipulate others with the way you communicate? Chism describes nine types of manipulative communication and why they simply don’t work. You’ll learn to remove verbal clutter and ask for what you want. You’ll also discover how to best represent yourself and your personal brand.


  • A new definition for workplace drama.
  • A five-part process to gain clarity.
  • Tell-tale signs that you take on others’ issues.
  • Nine types of manipulative communication.
  • How to ask for what you want and eliminate a lack of clarity.

About This Instructor

Chism, Marlene

Marlene Chism

Marlene Chism is a consultant, international speaker, executive coach and the author of Stop Workplace Drama. Chism’s passion is developing wise leaders and helping people to discover, develop and deliver their gifts to the world. Her consulting work focuses on improving communication dynamics and reducing the stress-producing drama that hampers productivity.

Chism has a Communications degree from Drury University, and a master's degree in Human Resources...

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M. Joyner
100 out of 100

Great Insights & My Wake Up Call

This program touched on many levels regarding some of the challenges I have been facing, and enlightened my awareness of how I as a leader have contributed. It's hard to admit where you play a role in the creation of workplace conflict. I totally see now where I have swept things under the rug without even realizing it... By watching this program, I have gained some great, valuable insights on how to stop nipping drama in the bud and getting clear on how to pull up the issues by their roots.

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