REAL Talk – Creating Real Conversations for Results

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Have you been in a conversation lately in which a lot was said but nothing was done? Author and consultant John R. Stoker has spent decades studying FAKE talk, conversations that don’t achieve desired results. In this course, you’ll learn the four principles and four skills to make your conversations more effective.
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Make Your Conversations More Effective

Poor communication can have a devastating impact on an organization. It can create a lack of accountability, redundancy in work and a lack of team collaboration. John R. Stoker will provide you with four principles and four skills to increase the effectiveness of every conversation.

This course begins with a study of how FAKE talk is created and how the Effectiveness Model can combat the problems that arise from FAKE talk. You’ll learn the components of a REAL conversation and how to use the REAL Conversation Framework. You’ll learn how to clarify your thinking to better prepare for a conversation. Stoker gives you tips to open a conversation with the Attention Check technique.

The course continues with a class on the way to initiate a conversation and how to ask questions to discover true meaning and create respect. You’ll also learn how to create connection and build on your conversations to establish accountability and move a plan forward.

Finally, you’ll learn the four interaction styles. This will help you not only recognize your own tendencies when communicating but provide you with a powerful method to move your conversation forward to produce better results.


  • The four REAL Conversation principles of Awareness, Knowledge, Preparation and Reflection.
  • The four REAL Conversation skills of Perception, Expression, Discovery and Connection.
  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation.
  • The Builder, Initiator, Connector and Discoverer styles of interacting.
  • The method to correctly match an interaction style.

About This Instructor

Stoker, John

John Stoker

John R. Stoker has been immersed in organizational development and change for over 20 years. He is the Founder and President of Light Storm Consulting, Inc. and DialogueWORKS, Inc. In these roles John has worked extensively with a number of companies, helping them increase their capacity to enhance effectiveness and improve results.

As a facilitator and coach, John works with leaders to improve their business results and focuses on developing interpersonal...

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90 out of 100
J. Laffan
100 out of 100

Excellent Course!!!

I really enjoyed taking this course, top quality presenter, very informative and easy to follow. Provides essential skills, wish I had seen this years ago!! Just want to say many thanks to John and SoundviewPro for providing the content. Kind regards Jamie Laffan

S. Assuncao
80 out of 100

Very good

Very Good. Covered a lot of information about communication, feedback and different communication styles etc in less than two hours.

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