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Creating an Insanely Positive Workplace Culture

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Make your workplace an insanely great place to work. This course will give you the steps to help your company build a culture about which employees will rave.
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Learn What It Takes to Build the Culture of Your (and Your Employees’) Dreams

This course begins with Larry Johnson providing the bedrock principles of an insanely positive workplace. You will learn the habits of both good bosses and bad bosses and how to incorporate the former and eliminate the latter from your leadership style. You will learn tips to help you discover what employees truly need and how you can give it to them. Johnson also discusses why truth is a relative concept in any situation in which people are involved.

The second class delves into what truly motivates people. You’ll find out just how important money really is to your employees. You’ll also find out about the unique sets of motivators and maintainers that can contribute to a culture’s success or failure. This class also includes thoughts on why you need to make the praise you provide employees specific, sincere and significant.

The third class provides insight into what creates interesting work for your employees. Johnson provides an interesting lesson on empowerment and why it might differ from your traditional impression of empowering employees. You will learn the three things you can provide employees that will earn their appreciation and loyalty. Finally, you will gain insight into how to create teams that inspire motivation among your work force.


  • The habits of good bosses and bad bosses.
  • The difference between motivators and maintainers.
  • Three elements that need to be part of any praise you offer.
  • How great teams inspire motivation in the workplace.
  • A comprehensive set of do’s and don’ts for managers.

About This Instructor

Johnson, Larry

Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson is the co-author of Absolute Honesty. He is a consultant and speaker who has helped companies build healthy organizational cultures, lead change, retain customers and develop effective work relationships. He has made more than 1,200 paid presentations around the globe. Larry holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology from Northern Arizona University.

He is a principle partner in the Johnson Training Group, a consulting group whose goal is to help...

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