Business Relationships – Moving from "Me" to "We"

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Be a better collaborator and build a “we” mindset in your company. Relationship expert and consultant Morag Barrett provides an insightful look into the Relationship Ecosystem. Find out what creates strong business relationships and how you can build an environment that removes the fear of "we."
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Leadership, Professional Development, Business Relationships

The importance of Increasing the strength of your business relationships is an idea that’s easy to recognize but difficult to practice. Global consultant and relationship expert Morag Barrett helps you bridge the gap between knowing and doing in this course.

You’ll begin by gaining an understanding of high-performing teams. What is it that separates some individuals from the rest in their ability to get the most from others and themselves? Barrett gives you the background you need to form a solid foundation.

The second class helps you understand the role that collaboration plays in your career path. You’ll see the shift between goals that are accomplished with your own effort and those that require strong relationships to successfully complete. The third class puts the focus on you. Barrett will help you gain perspective on why people do or don’t want to work with you, including four questions you need to consider.

The course continues with a look at vertical vs. horizontal relationships. This helps guide you into the important process of mapping your goals and discovering the relationships (including the not-so-obvious ones) that will turn failure into success. You’ll also spend time learning about the differences between a “Me First” and a “We First” mindset and how to tell which one is in your current organization.

The course concludes with a trio of lessons including a detailed look at the Relationship Ecosystem. Are your current relationship partners Allies or Rivals? You’ll also discover the reasons that relationships turn sour and the tell-tale warning signs you might be missing. Finally, you’ll learn how to build relationships one conversation at a time by asking specific questions.


  • Why the gap between knowing and doing holds back so many leaders and teams.
  • The connection between collaboration and success in your career.
  • Who are the specific people on whom your success depends.
  • Why people do and don’t want to work with you.
  • Who are your Allies, Supporters, Rivals and Adversaries.
  • What causes business relationships to turn sour.
  • How to build relationships one conversation at a time.

About This Instructor

Barrett, Morag

Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett is the founder of Skye Team and author of Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships. Her experience ranges from senior executive coaching to developing high-impact teams and leadership programs across the globe. She has 25 years of experience working in a wide variety of industries. She is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer.


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L. Claesson
60 out of 100

Too theoretical

The free sections were too theoretical to buy the rest. Maybe the rest was more practical. The answer to question no.3 in the first quiz should be reviewed, I believe the word "not" is missing which makes the answer very different. Otherwise clear and straight forward and good communication skills from Morag Barrett.

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