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Become a Transformational Leader


The era of hypercompetition requires a different kind of leader. Learn the steps to become a transformational leader and give your organization the flexibility and innovative strength it needs to achieve continuous success.
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‚ÄčCross the Chasm of Change with Transformational Leadership

The new economy cannot be driven by leadership mindsets from the past. Author and organizational change agent Doug Williamson will coach you to become a new breed of leader, the transformational leader.

This course begins with an examination of the need for transformational leadership. You’ll discover what hypercompetition is doing to companies and their leaders. Williamson provides you with critical transformation competencies and how they impact companies in the current and future marketplace.

In the second class, Williamson begins to help you reorient your mind with key Rethink lessons. You’ll learn to pivot from the past to the future. Find out what it takes to create winning conditions in an organization. You’ll also learn the four steps necessary to create followership, an essential component of great leadership.

The next two classes provide a business case for transformational leadership, including a discussion of why companies stall. You’ll also discover how to make the transformational journey predictable. This features lessons in how to deal with cynics, victims and bystanders. Williamson also debunks the six myths of resistance to change.

The final two classes focus on you as a leader. You will learn what creates credibility in an organization. This will enable you to gain the permission you’ll require to take your followers on the transformational journey. Finally, you’ll anchor your transformation with the nine mindsets of the transformational leader and learn what it takes to complete the journey.


  • Three ways to combat hypercompetition.
  • The key Rethink lessons of transformational leadership.
  • The business case for transformational leadership.
  • How to handle the stress of change and deal with those who resist it.
  • How to gain credibility within your organization.
  • Nine mindsets of the transformational leader.

About This Instructor

Williamson, Doug

Doug Williamson

R. Douglas Williamson is the president and CEO of The Beacon Group. With more than 30 years of international business experience, Williamson has been actively involved in initiating positive, transformational change inside organizations of all sizes and across industries. He is an in-demand consultant, thought and practice leader and speaker. Williamson is the author of Straight Talk on Leadership. His mission is to help executives and their organizations prepare the next generation...

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