Apple iPhoto: Fundamentals

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If you have hundreds of photos clogging up your iOS device, you need to take this course. Learn how to organize, edit and share your photos using the iPhoto application.
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View, Edit and Share Your Photos with Friends and Family

Your photos are a journey through your life. Give them the treatment they deserve by learning the photo organizing and editing techniques in this course. You’ll learn to do everything from import your photos from your iOS device to creating albums, cropping photos, even creating your own cards and calendars.


  • How to import photos from a camera or mobile device.
  • Viewing, browsing and zooming in on your photos.
  • Tips to organize your photos by date or location.
  • A method to create your own customized albums.
  • How to remove red-eye from your photos.
  • Techniques to crop and straighten your photos.
  • Steps to share photos through iCloud.
  • E-mailing your photos.
  • Tips to create a slideshow with your photos.
  • A lesson in designing a card using your photos.
  • How to create a photo book.

About This Instructor

Palmer, Ben

Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer has been teaching workshops on how to use Apple products for over 4 years. He is a former Apple Store employee and a lifelong Apple fan. He also works as a freelance videographer and graphic designer and is based in Baltimore, MD.


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Apple iPhoto : Fundamentals

Leaving to organise, edit and share the iPhoto.

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