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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Intermediate

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Learn to combine creativity and complexity and produce professional videos. In this course, you’ll learn editing techniques to help you tell a compelling story that gets attention. To sharpen your skills, this project-based course will have you create an intro video, photo montage, short documentary and a commercial.
3h, 27m
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Create Sharp, Professional Videos with Four Project-Based Classes

Learn by doing with this skill-building intermediate-level course for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to create an introduction video, photo montage, short documentary and a commercial.


  • How to build your video sequence.
  • Tips for keyframing motion.
  • How to clip your video and manage clip speed and transitions.
  • Preparing, adding and adjusting images for your Timeline.
  • Layering and adding titles to images.
  • Tips for working with public domain footage.
  • Adding transitions and titles to archival footage.
  • Color correcting your video.
  • Transitioning from a storyboard to a Timeline.
  • Adjusting audio and exporting your video projects.

About This Instructor

Walker, Tim

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is an experienced fine arts and media instructor. He holds a B.S. in Art Education from Kutztown University and a Masters in Education from Gratz College. Walker is an Adobe Certified Instructor. He has worked as a freelance designer, web developer and e-commerce manager. He has served as an Advanced Placement studio arts, graphic arts and digital media instructor for 17 years.


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