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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12: Fundamentals

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Why pay someone to digitally edit your photos when you can do it yourself? This course will give you the techniques to do everything from scanning, color balancing, cropping and adding effects to your photos.
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Learn Quick Editing Tricks Used by Photo Pros

If you’ve ever wanted to take your old photos and make cleaned-up digital copies but didn’t know how, this is the course for you! Professional photographer Stephen Monastra will teach you the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. You’ll learn everything from the right way to scan your old photos to making quick edits to cropping, removing red eye and adding graphics and layers.


  • How to set up your scanner, set the resolution and scan an image.
  • Tips to adjust the exposure, levels and color.
  • Ways to sharpen and balance your images.
  • Advice on saving copies of your images.
  • How to use the crop tool without damaging your image.
  • Techniques to use the spot healing brush.
  • How to whiten teeth and remove red eye from images.
  • Ways to use the quick select, zoom and navigation tools.
  • How to add effects, textures and frames with Quick Editing.
  • Tips to add graphics and layers with Expert Editing.

About This Instructor

Monastra, Stephen

Stephen Monastra

Stephen Monastra is a professional photographer. He has been teaching photography to students for more than 10 years. Monastra is also an Adobe Certified Photoshop instructor.


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