Achieving Goals with Powerful Thinking

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If you want to accomplish the goals that have always seemed just out of reach, it might be time to change your mindset. In this course, you’ll learn powerful techniques to erase your limiting beliefs, visualize your future and turn belief into achievement.
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How to Use Future Visualization to Lead a More Successful Life

What separates achievers from those who can’t seem to reach their full potential? The difference, according to author and consultant Wendy Merron, lies in the ability to eliminate your limiting beliefs and visualize your future. In this course, you’ll learn the techniques and mental models that can put you in touch with your inner greatness.

In the first class, you learn about the impact your mindset has on your ability to achieve your goals. Merron will teach you how to focus on the outcome rather than why you won’t achieve it. In the second class, you will learn to eliminate the word “don’t” from your mindset and keep your focus on positive steps.

In Class 3, you will create a powerful personal statement that will give you a stable foundation during the tough moments of pursuing a goal. You will also learn a simple technique that can help you delete a negative thought. This class also includes a demonstration of the thought-stopping technique.

The course concludes with a full discussion of the future visualization tool. Learn to turn your beliefs into action and create future success by visualization.


  • The impact your mindset has on your achievement.
  • How to focus on the outcome.
  • How limiting beliefs form in your mind.
  • A technique to delete negative thoughts from your mind.
  • The future visualization method for goal achievement.

About This Instructor

Merron, Wendy

Wendy Merron

Wendy Merron spent years struggling with her own self worth, despite having held successful positions as a Trust Officer at Mellon Bank and a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch. After years of searching for ways to improve her life and feel better, she noticed that one particular change made a powerful difference immediately. She began sharing this with her clients at The Center of Success in Wayne, PA. In addition to a successful consulting practice, she is the...

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Really nicely presented with good content which I'll be able to go back to in the future. I'll be practicing to see how well it works.

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