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Creating a Networking Lifestyle to Grow Your Business

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If you’re looking to improve your career, your focus should be on others, not yourself. In this course, you will learn how to take a strategic approach to networking. You’ll learn how to create a networking plan, execute specific action steps and ensure timely follow-up that gets results.
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Make Your Networking More Strategic.

This course begins with the foundational laws of networking. Instructor Guy Dunn takes you inside the psychology of networking and how human behavior can be positively driven by abundance and reciprocity. You’ll evaluate your current networking process and learn how to refine it to make you more effective.

In class two, you will define and develop your own networking plan. Dunn will provide you with an array of tips to turn small actions into big gains. Once you develop your plan, the class will help you create a set of action steps that are goal-driven and easy to execute. This class continues with a critical skill for networkers: developing a quick, memorable personal story. Dunn will help you craft an “elevator pitch” that will help you be the one person everyone at an event remembers for the right reason.

The course concludes with what many people consider to be the most difficult part of networking: follow-up. You will gain tips for how to make the follow-up process more simple and effective. Dunn wraps up by helping you connect the dots to make the networking lessons in this course grow into a networking lifestyle.


  • The foundational laws of networking.
  • Why networking is governed by abundance and reciprocity.
  • How to create a networking plan and take action steps.
  • Defining and honing your personal networking story.
  • How to adopt a networking lifestyle.

About This Instructor

Dunn, Guy

Guy Dunn

Guy Dunn is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He has helped numerous professionals and organizations grow and generate new revenue streams. He is a networking expert and helps professionals to connect with new, exciting and progressive individuals.


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