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Creating a Fiercely Loyal Brand Community

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You can create a loyal following by following the set of strategies outlined in this course. Sarah Robinson gives you a ground-level view of how to help your company connect and communicate with the people who will convert others to become fans of your brand.
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Build a Community that is Fiercely Loyal

In the first class, you’ll begin by learning instructor Sarah Robinson’s definition of community. She provides a more structured look at the concept of community informed by her years of helping various organizations build fiercely loyal followings. The first class provides an overview of the framework and includes action steps for creating return on investment for your brand.

The second class will help you find the right individuals to be members of your community. It’s easy to listen to online chatter but the secret Robinson provides is how to listen for the right conversations. You’ll find out how to identify the common interest among your audience and help nurture that interest to build your community.

In class three, you will learn the three needs of your potential community members. You will also learn how to create the connection, support and predictability that will strengthen the bond between your community members and your organization.

As Robinson points out if, and only if, you’ve completed the necessary work Robinson describes in classes one, two and three, class four will provide 11 ways for you to accelerate loyalty in your community. Learn how to create value and provide your community with shared experiences that build solidarity. You’ll also receive tips for how to be bold and inspire passion among your followers.


  • Action steps for creating ROI with your community.
  • How to listen for the right conversations from your potential community members.
  • Why you need to create connection, support and predictability for your community.
  • How to create value and shared experiences.
  • Tips for the advanced evolution of your community.

About This Instructor

Robinson, Sarah

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson is president and CEO of Sarah Robinson Co. She is a seasoned business coach, strategist, advisor and speaker who helps business owners set their companies apart from the pack. Based in Birmingham, Ala., Robinson advises clients around the world on how to build a thriving, successful community, how to increase social media effectiveness and how to develop a remarkable online and offline business presence.


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