Strategic Interviewing for Emotional Intelligence


Better hiring decisions start with EQ not IQ. Learn how to break through the rehearsed interview answers and find out just how strong your candidate is in eight critical Emotional Intelligence skills.
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Make Smarter Hiring Decisions and Find Employees that Fit

When faced with a hiring decision, many leaders focus their search on a candidate’s technical skills. As learning and development specialist Jen Shirkani reveals in this course, technical competence has very little to do with why new hires fail to perform. In this course, you will learn the vital skills of strategic interviewing for emotional intelligence (EQ).

Shirkani, who has administered more than 1,000 EQ assessments, starts the course by explaining why interviewing for EQ is a must-have component of today’s talent acquisition practices. You’ll learn about the 3x2 Job Analysis Grid and how to use it to help you match behaviors to the skills you most prize in a candidate. Shirkani then provides you with a comprehensive overview of behavior-based interviewing, including the use of the CAR tool.

The second class begins with an examination of the link between professional skills and successful hiring practices. You will learn about the three R’s of Emotional Intelligence and why they are essential to hiring for EQ. This class also begins Shirkani’s in-depth examination of eight EQ skills.

The third class is devoted to four of the EQ skills that can prove challenging to spot in a potential candidate. Shirkani not only provides insight into the nature of each skill and why it’s important, she also provides valuable sample questions that you can ask prospective candidates to determine their strength in each skill.

The final class wraps up the last pair of the eight EQ skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to test what you’ve learned with an interviewing for EQ case study. Finally, Shirkani helps you conquer one of the toughest challenges in today’s hiring market: obtaining accurate reference checks.


  • How to use the 3x2 Job Analysis Grid.
  • What distinguishes behavior-based interviewing from traditional interviewing.
  • The Three R’s of Emotional Intelligence.
  • The eight vital EQ skills to look for in behavior-based interviewing and questions to discover them.
  • Strategies to accurately check a candidate’s references.

About This Instructor

Shirkani, Jen

Jen Shirkani

Jen Shirkani is the founder and CEO of Penumbra Group, a talent management solutions company, providing leadership development, hiring selection consulting, training and performance coaching with a focus on Emotional Intelligence. Shirkani has more than 20 years’ experience as a learning and development specialist, executive coach and sought-after speaker. She is certified to deliver the MHS Emotional Intelligence assessment (EQi) and the Hay Group Emotional Competence Inventories...

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E. Ereth
100 out of 100

Great Training for Conducting Interviews

Very relevant and useful in my work.

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Great course

Excellent perspective about interviewing.

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Relevant content for both interviewer and interviewee.

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Excellent and Relatable

One of the best online course I've seen. Was able to immediately put to use.

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Amazing Content

Loved studying this subject and the most captivating thing is the way the speaker brings real personal experiences.

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Excellent presentation

Very useful information presented with excellent examples

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Excellent presentation on the use of EQ in behavior-based interviewing for job placement.

D. Coetzee
100 out of 100

Strategic Intrviewing for EQ

Great tools, and very practical explanation of EQ.

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