People Skills that Create Success

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Make the ultimate impression with these essential people skills. Learn everything from communication, confidence, presentation and manners from an experienced politician and business executive.
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Learn to Let Your Professionalism Be a Beacon to Others

If your idea of common courtesy is to send someone a text that you’re running late, you need some assistance. Brian Haggerty is here to save your career. In this course you’ll learn the necessary skills to give yourself the poise, presence and civility that garner accolades and make you someone everyone will remember.

The course begins with the critical art of developing your self-awareness. Did you know that a major cause of a lack of improvement is a lack of awareness? Find out about the surprising person on whom you should model your behavior.

The next class will teach you five habits to be successful. This class will cover several of the behaviors that will make you stand out in a world that is growing far too casual. Discover the secrets of punctuality, mindfulness, transparency and respect for privacy and why these “lost arts” are becoming must-haves for employers.

Your next two classes will cover everything you need to know to maneuver through the social interactions of business. Grow your confidence and communicate like an experienced executive with everything from the firmness of your handshake to your understanding of personal space. Become the person that everyone tries to get a word with at gatherings by learning the five keys to effective communication.

This course includes a special class on a topic that is rarely taught in school but essential to know: corporate dining etiquette. Do you know the difference between the American and European style of holding utensils? Do you know which bread plate is yours when you are seated at a table? This class will provide you with the necessary skills to be at ease in any corporate dining setting.


  • Why character matters in business.
  • The five habits you need to be successful.
  • How to convey confidence in your verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Five keys to effective communication.
  • Proper etiquette for corporate dining.

About This Instructor

Haggerty, Brian

Brian Haggerty

Brian Haggerty is a public speaker, politician and business professional. Since 2005, he has served his local community in northern New Jersey in the role of Commissioner of Public Works, as well as Head of the Department of Public Affairs. Haggerty works with entry level professionals and seasoned executives through his company Brian Haggerty Speaks to help them refine and expand their social, communication and business etiquette skills.


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K. Riaz
100 out of 100

Great Course

Very informative and useful for me. Very good blend of People skills and the Dining Etiquette.

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