Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Fundamentals

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Give your next presentation visuals that can match the power of your words. This course is intended for people who have never before worked with PowerPoint. You will learn the very basic functions of one of the most popular presentation programs in business.
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PowerPoint Basics to Make Your Presentations Shine

Microsoft PowerPoint is used in nearly all presentations. If you’ve never used PowerPoint before but have always wanted to learn, this course will walk you through the very basic functions. The pace is intended for beginners and by the end, you’ll be ready to start designing your own slide presentations.


  • How to navigate the program interface.
  • The function of the ribbon tabs.
  • The use of dialog box launchers.
  • The elements of starting a new presentation.
  • The standard templates used in presentations.
  • What are transitions and how they are used.
  • Options for how to present your slide show.
  • Why and how to proof and review your slides.
  • The tools that allow you to insert pictures, charts and objects.
  • The functions of the home tab.

About This Instructor

Zarbatany, Donna

Donna Zarbatany

Donna Zarbatany has worked with multiple workforce development programs to further the use of Microsoft Office products including Word and PowerPoint. She has extensive experience teaching in both classroom and corporate settings, and holds a Masters Degree in Education from Drexel University.


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