Introduction to International Business

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The global economy is no longer controlled by a handful of nations. A business and its leadership need to understand the complex workings of the international marketplace. Dr. Stanley K. Ridgley will instruct you on the political, economic and legal components that drive business around the world.
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‚ÄčDiscover How Businesses Operate and Succeed in the Global Economy

Dr. Stanley K. Ridgley brings decades of international business experience to you in this series of classes focusing on the world’s economy. You’ll begin the journey by learning how two factors drove economic conditions to a state of globalization. You’ll hear a balanced discussion of the pros and cons of doing business beyond your borders.

The class on political economy will provide you with the necessary background to understand the systems that can impact a company’s ability to operate in a given market. From here, you’ll receive an introduction to international trade theory, including discussions of competitive advantage and the product life cycle.

No business can compete without an effective, well-considered strategy. You’ll learn what constitutes your firm’s strategic position and the elements of the strategic planning process. The course concludes with a class on entering foreign markets.

Don’t limit the growth of your business. Learn what it takes to reach the global marketplace and rise to prominence.


  • The two drivers of globalization.
  • The political, economic and legal systems that shape global trade.
  • The theory of absolute advantage and how it impacts imports and exports.
  • The four advantages of taking your business abroad.
  • The six ways your company can enter a foreign market.

About This Instructor

Ridgley, Ph.D., Stanley

Stanley Ridgley, Ph.D.

Stanley K. Ridgley, Ph.D. is Assistant Clinical Professor of Management at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University. He is one of the country’s foremost experts on delivering Business School Presentations and is the author of the book The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting. With a background in military intelligence, Ridgley is fluent in Russian and has lectured at colleges and universities in the Russian Federation. Ridgley lectures and consults around the...

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K. Du
100 out of 100

Great intro course in int'l business!

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