How to Create a Memorable Presentation


You know how to use PowerPoint, but do you truly understand what it takes to create a presentation that people will remember? In this course you will learn the theory behind memorable presentations. Discover why careful content choices, powerful design and a memorable delivery will make your presentation unforgettable.
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Make Your Presentation the One the Audience Will Remember.

You’ve sat through enough presentations to know that the bad ones far outnumber the good. You can even diagnose the symptoms: cluttered slides, monotone delivery and a complete lack of retention by the audience.

With this course you’ll gain the strength to defeat “Death by PowerPoint.” Author and professor Joel Worden offers an enlightened, effective way to create a presentation no one will forget. This course begins with the most overlooked aspect of a presentation: the plan. You’ll learn the importance of narrative and the elements of a good presentation plan. Worden concludes the first class by leading you through an exercise to create a storyboard for your next presentation.

Additional classes discuss the theory behind why so many presentations fail to be memorable. You’ll be introduced to the concept of effective redundancy and how you can leverage it to create a successful presentation.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect message and generated powerful visuals, Worden concludes the course by guiding you through dynamic delivery. You’ll learn common errors made by presenters and how to deliver your presentation in a natural, charismatic and effective style.


  • Why PowerPoint is NOT a handout tool.
  • The noise that always interferes with your audience.
  • How to create clear, consistent slides.
  • The way to make your visuals tell a story.
  • Important steps to vary and control your tone, pace and volume.

About This Instructor

Worden, Joel D.

Joel D. Worden

Joel D. Worden, Ph.D., is an associate professor of English and communication at Goldey-Beacom College. Joel consults with businesses and individuals to increase the effectiveness of their verbal and written communication. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware for his work on portrayals of the Galapagos Islands in American fiction.


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88 out of 100
O. Ojedokun
80 out of 100

Informative, Practical and Interesting

Really learnt a lot from this training. Eager to start putting it into practice.

C. Salvador
100 out of 100

Great Content!

A. Taha
100 out of 100

Great Course - So informative

Thank you Prof. Joel for the great course and thanks to SoundviewPro for allowing us to enjoy such informative courses. It helped me a lot. I was making many mistakes in my past presentations that I was not aware of. I am now eager to deliver my next presentation.

R. Barraud
100 out of 100

Comprehensive and well-timed

Most presentations about Powerpoint are similar. This one will not surprise you but has the advantage of covering most of the points without being too long.

a. verma
100 out of 100

verry effiective

I like this course due to the aspects he touches on that nobody used to touch with very much transparency. Each and every video is very informative.

T. Padala
80 out of 100

Very good one

This course is very well planned. It has most important things that a presenter needs to know and remember. This will definitely help me in delivering better presentations. Thanks Joel & SoundviewPro for this course.

M. Faculty
80 out of 100

Great course - very informative

I liked how Joel integrated actual examples of PowerPoint slides that could be improved on. A couple of the videos did not play all the way through. Create a storyboard stopped at 12:15 just as he was summarizing the importance of story boarding. I gained enough information, however to see the value in story boarding my training workshops and presentations...beyond PowerPoint.

T. Van Cleave
80 out of 100

Great Content

I agree with the first reviewer that the presenter was very dry in his delivery. But if you allow yourself to accept that and get past it, he delivers some excellent information. Sadly, 3 of the 15 flash videos were not available for me to view. All other video segments in this presentation took quite a while to come up.

K. Riaz
80 out of 100


First of all thanks to SoundViewPro for allowing to view these videos for free. Overall Course was good to see/hear and was quite informative, although speaker's style of presentation acted as 'disincentive' for me to go through the course, at least initially. However after first few videos i became used to of the speaker's style of delivery. It was a well researched course, unfortunately i could not buy the content so can not comment about the study material. I believe going through the course along with the study material would be more beneficial. I would like to recommend the course with 3.8 rating. My suggestion for improvement would be to display the key text or phrases during the video for emphasis and to enable the viewer to focus and get engaged in the course/presentation.

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