Building Brand [You]

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You are the architect of your dreams. Let Cyndee Woolley help you design and plan the life you’ve always wanted by Building Brand [You]. You’ll learn to design your [You]topia, find your core audience, polish your appearance and communicate your brand.
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Live Your Wildest Dreams by Creating Your Personal Brand.

Everyone has dreams of an ideal life. This course will give you the framework, skills and motivation to turn your dream into the world in which you wake and walk. Cyndee Woolley will start you on your journey by helping you define your personal [You]topia.

Once you’ve got your vision in place, it’s time to find out how to reach it. You will analyze how you currently spend your time and the core values that have shaped your path. You’ll draft your brand message and discover who is in your three core audiences.

A powerful message can turn lifeless without great communication. You’ll learn key tactics for making an impression, delivering key messages and inspiring action. Finally, you’ll be trained in the art of storytelling, a skill you’ll need to tell everyone why Brand [You] is a must-see.


  • How to visualize your [You]topia.
  • How to set your goals for success.
  • The three core audiences for your message.
  • How to share your vision and credibility while communicating relevance.
  • The six elements you need in every story.

About This Instructor

Woolley, Cyndee

Cyndee Woolley

Cyndee Woolley is the author of Building Brand [You] and a consultant in public relations, marketing, branding and community outreach strategies. She has become a leader in the communications industry with more than a decade of working with corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations in a series of campaigns that get noticed and generate profitable results. She holds an Accredited Public Relations professional designation from the Public Relations Society of...

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100 out of 100
100 out of 100

Great course!

Very good advices, practical, appealing and easy to apply. Well done and THANK YOU!

100 out of 100

Building Brand (You)

I am so glad that i took this course. I liked how Miss Cyndee Woolley facilitated the whole session, in a very simple, yet compelling way. I'm so inspired and equipped to live my best life. Thanks to Miss Cyndee and SoundViewPro.

K. EtorPaul
100 out of 100


A. Frazier
100 out of 100

Great Course - Thank [YOU]

I appreciate how Ms. Woolley breaks down the topics into areas that are smart, digestible and applicable. This course is great for the person on the go... And I would recommend for any level in one's career.

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