Adobe Photoshop CC: Introduction

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Learn the techniques for one of the most important programs in graphic design. This course will cover basic manipulation of pixels, using the various tools in Photoshop, creating and rearranging layers, basic painting, and correcting images.
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‚ÄčGet Creative with Your Photos and Projects

If you’ve ever wanted to make your photos or creative projects look more professional and polished, you need to know the basics of Adobe Photoshop. This course provides you with the basic techniques for the main functions of Photoshop. You’ll learn how to perform standard operations by watching a professional graphic designer guide you through the program.


  • How to set up your preferences and workspace.
  • How to move and transform pixels.
  • The uses for the crop, perspective crop and hand tools.
  • Techniques to copy and paste pixels to make new layers.
  • Creating, rearranging and grouping new layers.
  • The method to select colors and customize your swatch library.
  • Selecting and adjusting your brushes for basic painting.
  • Ways to use the clone stamp tool.
  • Techniques for healing, spot healing and patching.
  • Correcting red eye in photos using the red eye tool.

About This Instructor

Korchak, Judy

Judy Korchak

Judy Korchak is a professional graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience. She is a veteran instructor of animation, motion graphics, and graphic design, and an expert in Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and After Effects.


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Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction

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Very good intro to PS CC course

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