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Microsoft Excel 2010: Advanced

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Challenge yourself and maximize your skills in this advanced course for Microsoft Excel 2010. You’ll learn the full functionality of UserForms. You’ll also learn how to connect to a database and format and fit database records to a worksheet.
2h, 48m
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Learn Top-Level Skills and Gain In-Depth Knowledge of UserForms.

Learn the various ways to create and work with UserForms in Microsoft Excel 2010. This course also includes a bonus feature on how to use the Solver feature with an example of 401(k) allocations.

  • Functions for Microsoft Visual Basic
  • The different controls on a user form.
  • How the UserForm and a worksheet interact.
  • Ways to add labels, command buttons and combo boxes.
  • Three types of commands for a user form.
  • How to build an algorithm.
  • Tips to display data from the worksheet on the user form.
  • The VBA code for connecting to a database.
  • Formatting and fitting database records to a worksheet.
  • A special look at the Solver feature.

About This Instructor

Devine, Robert

Robert Devine

Robert Devine is an engineer and scientist. He has more than 20 years of experience teaching software engineering in diverse settings from general industry to academia to the military. He spent several decades working across industry sectors including telecom, financial security and pharmaceutical R&D.


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