Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction


Learn the basics of the popular spreadsheet software.
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‚ÄčTake Your First Steps to Create Your Own Spreadsheets.

Whether you use it for business or personal reasons, Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for efficiently handling data. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Excel, including the toolbar and tabs, basic navigation, and entering and formatting data.


  • The screen elements of Microsoft Excel 2010
  • The components of the ribbon.
  • How to use the quick access toolbar and file tab.
  • Tips to customize your ribbon.
  • Methods to autofilter and autosort data.
  • Ways to add line breaks, adjust height and validate data.
  • Formatting cells in a spreadsheet.
  • How to import information from databases and get live data.
  • How to enter and format data.
  • Methods to add charts to your spreadsheet.

About This Instructor

Devine, Robert

Robert Devine

Robert Devine is an engineer and scientist. He has more than 20 years of experience teaching software engineering in diverse settings from general industry to academia to the military. He spent several decades working across industry sectors including telecom, financial security and pharmaceutical R&D.


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93 out of 100
G. Barraza
100 out of 100

Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction

N. Matic
100 out of 100

The best of the bests

The best courses

P. Pereira
100 out of 100

The best Introduction

This course gave me a new fresh start with excel!! Thank you a lot for make this tool available for all. Saved my professional life. Thanks!

S. De Mulder
100 out of 100

Way of Teaching is Excellent

What separates this course from other beginner courses is the way the teacher keeps your attention. He has a very pleasant way of explaining things and actually makes you feel like you're in the classroom, which makes it difficult to lose attention.

b. lima
100 out of 100

helpful for novices

course was a very sound introduction to the potential and features. gives good intro to what Excel is capable of doing on a basic level and is a good intro to features, shortcuts and easy to understand. quiz is good tool also

m. asmi
100 out of 100


good course

M. Shaikh
100 out of 100

full rating

A very good opportunity, i like it very much, very informative course

C. Dussartre
100 out of 100

Great course

A.  Anupam Kumar
100 out of 100



N. Rahul Raj
100 out of 100


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