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Internal Market Economics

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If your company is under constant pressure to do more with less, there is a better, more strategic method. Stop the cycle of internal and external customers’ limitless demands by implementing Internal Market Economics.
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Gain Control of Your Internal Financial and Resource Governance Processes

There is no shortage of demands on your department. The budgeting process can be long, involved and frequently leave you scrambling to fulfill a never-ending stream of customer requests. In this course, author, executive coach and Stanford MBA N. Dean Meyer will guide you through the principles to implement market economics in your organization. With his help, you will be able to channel your resources to the projects and customers that need them the most.

You’ll begin by learning the challenges that are addressed by the internal economy. Discover what goes wrong with traditional budgets and governance processes. You’ll then take an in-depth look at how money flows through an organization and the impact of the Cost Model.

From this point, you’ll learn about the implications of internal market economics, including the business within a business at your company. Once you understand the model, Meyer moves into the steps to implement market economics. The course concludes with a discussion on the business planning process.


  • How cost control constrains supply in an organization.
  • Why traditional budgeting does not lead to efficiency.
  • The two subsystems of the internal economy.
  • Five strategic steps to implement market economics.
  • A tested, effective business planning process for your organization.
  • What terms like shared services, service costing, chargeback, cost management, and cost modeling mean to you and your organization.

About This Instructor

Meyer, N. Dean

N. Dean Meyer

N. Dean Meyer is one of the original proponents of running shared-services organizations within companies as businesses within a business, where every managerial group is an entrepreneurship funded to produce products and services for customers.

For more than three decades, he has implemented this philosophy in corporate, government and non-profit organizations through the careful design of culture, organizational structure, and internal market economics.

Meyer is the...

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