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Winning with Transglobal Leadership

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Linda D. Sharkey, Ph.D. has spent decades researching what makes certain leaders capable of achieving success in Transglobal assignments. The keys are contained in this course. Learn about the five dimensions of Transglobal leadership and enable your organization to play on the global stage with ease and grace.
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‚ÄčFind the Right Leaders to Create a Sustainable Global Organization.

Regardless of your nation of origin, the prospect of working in a different country can be a mix of exciting and challenging. If you are tasked with selecting individuals for global assignments, this course will help you make an informed decision and develop the talent you select to achieve success.

The course begins with a class on the principles of the Transglobal leader. You’ll learn the six areas of intelligence that form the Transglobal leader. Sharkey introduces the five dimensions of Transglobal leaders and how those dimensions translate to characteristic behaviors. Learn about the comfort zone and whether an individual leans toward local leadership and Transglobal leadership.

The second class discusses how to assess and select global talent. Sharkey explains the evolution of leadership and where your organization fits on this continuum. She provides a look into the Transglobal Leadership Matrix. The course continues with a class on how to develop Transglobal leaders. Learn the levels of development to augment the potential of future Transglobal leaders. You’ll also find out how to accelerate the growth of current Transglobal leaders.

The course concludes with a macro view of building your organization for global success. Learn to view your organization’s place on the Transglobal Maturity Curve. Discover how to assess your organization on the enterprise, business and functional team levels. Sharkey finishes the final class with a review of best practices and tips to be successful in a Transglobal business world.


  • The five dimensions of Transglobal leaders.
  • The interview questions to ask to identify transglobal leaders.
  • How to recognize levels of development and accelerate current capabilities.
  • The elements of the Transglobal Leadership Matrix.
  • How to assess your organization at the enterprise, business and functional team levels.

About This Instructor

Sharkey, Linda

Linda Sharkey

Linda D. Sharkey, Ph.D. is an HR Executive and Business Strategist with experience coaching and developing leaders and teams in Fortune 10 companies. She drives talent development initiatives that support productivity and company growth. She is a founding member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group focused on helping successful executives become even more successful. She is widely published in the area of leadership development, culture change and executive coaching. She is a frequent keynote...

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