Coaching Strategies for Sales Leaders


Don’t rely on traditional command-and-control management methods to increase your sales reps’ performances. Learn the elements of sales coaching and help your reps change their perspective. This course will teach you how to gain reps’ trust, strategize before you sell and create a culture of excellence in your sales organization.
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Be the Coach that Delivers Record-Breaking Sales Numbers and Hall of Fame Results.

Every great professional, whether it’s an athlete, musician, businessperson or educator, achieved success because of a great coach. Many sales organizations go in the wrong direction because they focus on micromanagement. They create a culture where people are afraid to lose which means they take a defensive position with most customers.

Author, sales coach and speaker Jason Forrest believes that to be a better coach, you must master the three P’s of sales: people, process and pitch. In this course, you’ll learn why so many sales reps don’t earn equal to their potential. You’ll find out why it’s critical to get permission to lead your sales professionals.

You’ll discover the steps to building a great sales team and how to hire the right salespeople. Once you have those players on your squad, you’ll learn how to sustain the energy that brought the new hire to your door. Forrest challenges you to up your game in the art of holding people accountable. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to make it acceptable for every rep to be a victor.


  • The two truths of success.
  • How to release a sales professional’s inner potential.
  • Four reasons people don’t make “worth it” money.
  • Why you can’t treat your reps as “broken.”
  • How to develop an accountability playbook.

About This Instructor

Forrest, Jason

Jason Forrest

As a sales professional, author, speaker and sales coach, Jason Forrest helps sales professionals increase sales and retention rates. Each year, he delivers 100 keynotes and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, sales managers and executives. He pushes sales organizations to become the bet versions of themselves. He is the Chief Sales Officer of Forrest Performance Group and is the author of Leadership Sales Coaching.


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94 out of 100
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Fantastic course

That was a brilliant course for Coaching Strategies. Jason Forrest had focused on sale leader but it definitely applies for any single person that wants to help someone going further in his life! For any great soccer, great swimmer and so, there is always a coach beside them.

E. Diamantopoulos
80 out of 100

Course rating

Very good course. Every sales people must attend it. The next step after you attend this course is to execute it excellent every day.

'. Adewunmi
100 out of 100

Great Stuff

Immediately I discovered this course, I couldn't stop listening to it. I must have completed more than half of the course in one day. Perhaps being a business coach myself, helped me see more value in the course. But that notwithstanding, it great value for any sales leader. 'Nekan Adewunmi Lagos, Nigeria.

L. Mokwena
80 out of 100

Coaching Strategies for sales leaders

A wonderful course indeed, it has sharpen me so much.

C. Rioux
100 out of 100


Excellent value and very pragmatic and effective field focused content.

100 out of 100

just great !

D. Mitchell
100 out of 100

Guranteed Success

This course is Fantastic. I have been a seller, General Manager and owner in a career now over 50 years. This course is the sweet spot of all selling. Every CEO should listen to every section and apply it to his company. Learn and earn.

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