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Building a Culture of Honesty

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Transparency is a term that looks great on a Corporate Values Statement. It’s much more difficult to practice. Bob Phillips will help you create and model the values that will drive behaviors toward a culture of honesty.
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Build an Open Culture with Values that Drive Behaviors.

Does your organization have an open culture? If you have little or no sharing of operational information, an environment of limited employee participation in problem solving and a "foxhole" mentality, the answer is most likely "No."

In this course, veteran organizational consultant and author Bob Phillips will guide you on the path to build a platform of integrity. Your first class will lay the groundwork for understanding organizational culture. Phillips details the factors that positively and negatively impact an organization's culture.

In the second class, Phillips shifts the focus to the values that drive behaviors in a company. After learning the values that positively impact a culture, you'll have the opportunity to evaluate your own organization's culture with the test provided by Phillips during the class.

The course continues with an examination of open and closed culture organizations. Phillips offers thought-provoking evidence of the connection between open culture organizations and market performance. You'll also discover the critical importance of your employees' personal beliefs in the effectiveness of your effort to build an honest culture.

The course concludes with Phillips providing a roadmap to creating a culture of honesty. This class provides instruction on how to clearly model the values that you want employees to represent. There is also a discussion on how to make accountability a part of your culture. Finally, you'll learn the keys to success for leaders to create a platform of integrity.


  • The factors that can impact the culture of an organization.
  • How to properly assess your company's culture.
  • The warning signs of a closed culture.
  • The impact of personal beliefs on a culture of honesty.
  • The six keys to success when building a platform of honesty.

About This Instructor

Phillips, Bob

Bob Phillips

Bob Phillips is president and CEO of RW and Associates. Phillips is a veteran of over 30 years of business experience working in and with organizations that required the highest level of return and an expectation that all resources would be used efficiently to achieve the most difficult goals. Phillips is the co-author of Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Honesty.


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