Addressing the Challenges of Today's Work Force

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An organization can only be as strong as the people that form its core. In this course, you will update the portfolio of skills necessary to remain competitive in acquiring and retaining top talent. This course will cover the diversity of today’s work force, the reasons behind the shortage of talent, the shifting trends in communication and the new world of leadership.
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Is Your Portfolio of Skills Up to Date?

Your organization’s pipeline of talent needs to remain full to keep your company moving forward. This requires an understanding of a balanced set of skills to find and keep the people who will propel your company to success. The landscape of today’s workplace will continue to change, and you need to do more than simply keep up.

Pat Buhler will instruct you on why, when it comes to employees and organizations, one size does not fit all. You’ll learn the cause of today’ s global talent shortage and how you can stay ahead of the curve. You’ll get a detailed analysis of the communication process and how to overcome the common barriers between individuals at all levels of an organization.

The course concludes with a view of today’s leadership and the changes facing those in charge. You’ll learn the essential leadership qualities that withstand both the test of time and the countless trends that are here today and gone later today.


  • How to work with the variety of generations in today’s work force.
  • The best methods to fight the battle for talent.
  • Tips to overcome simple communication barriers that prevent success.
  • The implications of social media and guidelines for employers and employees.
  • The qualities that define the best leaders of this and every generation.

About This Instructor

Buhler, Pat

Pat Buhler

Patricia M. Buhler, DBA, MBA, SPHR, is a professor of management at Goldey-Beacom College and is the owner of Buhler Business Consultants. She is active in Delaware’s chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Her books include Up, Down and Sideways: High Impact Verbal Communication for HR Professionals  (co-authored with Joel D. Worden, Ph.D.), Perfecting the Art of Management, and The Employee Satisfaction Revolution.


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J. Pernell
80 out of 100

Good Overview

I thought this was a good overview of some of the challenges in talent management. Could have gone deeper into specifics in a couple of places, but worth the time overall.

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