Ben Palmer

Palmer, Ben


Ben Palmer has been teaching workshops on how to use Apple products for over 4 years. He is a former Apple Store employee and a lifelong Apple fan. He also works as a freelance videographer and graphic designer and is based in Baltimore, MD.

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Courses Taught By Ben Palmer

  • Image of iPhone iOS 8 UpdateImage of iPhone iOS 8 Update

    iPhone iOS 8 Update

    0h, 35m

    Get to know the latest operating system for iPhone. This course will give you insight into the...

    Not yet rated
  • Image of iPhone: Basics (iOS7)Image of iPhone: Basics (iOS7)

    iPhone: Basics (iOS7)

    1h, 48m

    If you recently purchased your first iPhone or upgraded to iOS7 and haven’t learned all of its basic...

    100 out of 100
  • Image of iPhone: Beyond the Basics (iOS7)Image of iPhone: Beyond the Basics (iOS7)

    iPhone: Beyond the Basics (iOS7)

    1h, 10m

    If you’ve grown to love your iPhone, why not explore all of its features? Go beyond making calls and...

    Not yet rated
  • Image of Presentations Using Keynote: BasicsImage of Presentations Using Keynote: Basics

    Presentations Using Keynote: Basics

    1h, 10m

    Take command of your next presentation by learning Apple’s Keynote. This course will teach you the...

    80 out of 100
  • Image of iCloud: FundamentalsImage of iCloud: Fundamentals

    iCloud: Fundamentals

    0h, 55m

    Store and access your most valuable digital content with iCloud. This course will teach you how to...

    Not yet rated
  • Image of Apple iPhoto: FundamentalsImage of Apple iPhoto: Fundamentals

    Apple iPhoto: Fundamentals

    0h, 58m

    If you have hundreds of photos clogging up your iOS device, you need to take this course. Learn how...

    80 out of 100
  • Image of OS X - YosemiteImage of OS X - Yosemite

    OS X - Yosemite

    0h, 29m

    Learn the secrets of Apple’s newest operating system, Yosemite. This course will show you the new...

    Not yet rated
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