How It Works

What is SoundviewPro?

SoundviewPro is a fast-growing library of self-paced online courses focused around the business and technical skills necessary to succeed in today's world. Every course consists of a group of classes broken up into sections. Every section contains a short video which allows for easy display on mobile devices and tablets. Each instructor is an expert in their field and SoundviewPro brings that expertise to bear in these concise, skill-based courses.


How Do the Courses Work?

To begin your knowledge journey, simply browse our site, locate a course that interests you, and click the 'Enroll in this Course' button. Enroll in as many courses as you have time for, and don't worry - we'll keep track of your progress in each of your courses for you. While the first class in every course is free, you have the opportunity to unlock the remaining classes, supplemental learning materials, class quizzes, and a personalized certificate of completion.

What Subjects Are Included?

SoundviewPro features courses that address soft business skills like leadership, management, communication, sales, and professional development as well as those that provide software training in more technical skills, like Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop.

Who Uses SoundviewPro?

  • Business professionals that want to increase their skills.
  • Entrepreneurs that are building the next successful start-up.
  • Business schools that want an all-in-one online course platform.
  • Small businesses/organizations that need quality, budget-friendly employee training.
  • Executives evaluating potential consultants.
  • Professional organizations auditioning keynote speakers.
  • Anyone with the desire to take their business and technical skills to the next level.

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