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Microsoft Excel 2010: Essentials

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Learn one of the most critical software applications in all of business. This course will teach you the fundamental skills for the interface. You’ll even get the chance to create a personal budget, weekly planner and business documents.
1h, 36m
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Create Budgets, Schedules, Business Documents and More!

Gain the essential business skills of Microsoft Excel 2010. This course includes fundamental operations as well as exercises for budgeting, scheduling and document preparation.


  • The basics of the Excel 2010 interface.
  • The layout of a document and how to organize cells.
  • How to merge cells and wrap text.
  • Techniques to personalize your files.
  • Tips to use the formula bar.
  • Performing calculations for your personal budget.
  • Techniques to manipulate the insert ribbon.
  • How to format cells for days and time.
  • Tips for automatic calculations, autosum and fill handle.
  • How to calculate taxes in a business document.

About This Instructor

Cretella, Gemma

Gemma Cretella

Gemma Cretella is an award-winning educator in computer science and business and career development at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. She has more than 20 years experience teaching technology and career skills. Cretella is the author of multiple instructional guides for software, including The Basics of Microsoft Office PC and MAC, The Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint and The Basics of Microsoft Word.


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