Managing Millennials - Retention, Reward and Recognition

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Can improving the way you manage Millennials improve engagement for your entire workforce? In this course, Dr. Nicole Lipkin teaches you how to manage for retention and improve the relationships between the four generations in today’s workplace.
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How to Manage Millennials (and Make Every Employee Happier in the Process)

The impact of Millennials in the workplace cannot be overstated. However, as Dr. Nicole Lipkin will show you in this informative course for leaders, what Millennials want in the workplace is the same thing that all employees want … they are just a little more vocal about asking for it.

This course begins with a class on the economic impact of the Millennials in the workplace. Learn why it’s essential to understand this key segment of the workforce. Lipkin also provides information on why retaining Millennial employees should be an essential part of your business strategy.

The second class will help you understand what shaped the newest generation to enter the workforce. Learn about the characteristics of Millennials in comparison to Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionals. Lipkin teaches about the five factors that have influenced the Millennial generation.

In the third class, you’ll learn what Millennials want from work. Lipkin uses the SLAM model to illustrate what creates engagement in the workplace. The course concludes with a lesson on how to manage for retention. The focus of this class is on-boarding. You’ll learn how to on-board with the position, team and manager. You’ll also learn the key leadership tactic of turning a “No” answer into an opportunity for an employee to create change for him- or herself.


  • The Economic impact of Retaining Millennials.
  • The five types of influences on the current generation.
  • The SLAM Model and how it creates employee engagement.
  • How to on-board with managers, teams and the job.
  • Ten Keys to an effective recognition program.

About This Instructor

Lipkin, Nicole

Nicole Lipkin

Dr. Nicole Lipkin is a business psychologist at Equilibria Leadership Consulting, an international business/organizational solutions company based in the United States. She coaches and consults with leaders and their organizations to improve management and leadership skills, strengthen the leadership pipeline and develop sustainable behaviors and practices that help increase organizational and staff resilience and sustainability. She is also the co-author of the popular book, Y in the...

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100 out of 100
b. jenkins
100 out of 100

Very Interesting

The content was very interesting regarding what shaped the millennials. Even more useful, discussion of how to apply management techniques just a little bit differently for this generation.

H. Katz
100 out of 100

Dr. Lipkin is a gem in the field!

Dr. Lipkin's knowledge is incredibly meaningful and equally applicable! This lessons in this course will undoubtedly improve workplace relations as well as overall productivity. Hilary Katz, MSW,SSW, LCSW

K. Boward
100 out of 100

Managing Millennials - Retention, Reward and Recognition

Well researched and presented!

K. Hilgenberg
100 out of 100


Dr. Lipkin clearly knows her Millennials! A wonderful course that I highly recommend.

K. Jekielek
100 out of 100

Actionable Advice and Insight

I already have a plan of action to move forward with improving management of my millennial resources. This sheds light on a lot of our interactions and will help us work better as a team.

M. Hyams
100 out of 100

Enlightening and informative

Really helpful stuff and glad to have finally gained a better understanding on the millennials I work with and why they do what they do and how they do it. Great management tips too!

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