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Leadership Conversations that Enable Change

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If you want to improve your leadership while also growing great leaders around you, this course will give you the tools you need. You will learn to think differently, act differently and become a more effective leader.
1h, 55m
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Think Different. Act Different. Be a More Effective Leader.

In this course, you will gain new ways to think and act to become a more effective, impactful leader. Your first class will help you to develop your essence of leadership. What makes a great leader? You’ll not only learn what makes a great leader, you’ll also find out what makes you a unique leader. Learn why you need to be both a Human Being and a Human Doing and how those roles relate to leadership and management.

The second class will provide you with insight into the leadership and management mindsets. Learn how the two mindsets complement one another and how to keep them in balance. You will also discover how to use the two management mindsets to reframe your biggest problems into opportunities.

In the third class, you’ll focus on leadership conversations. You will learn about the four components to a proven leadership conversation philosophy. You’ll gain the tools to set the tone for the conversation. You will also find out how to manage the three integrated perspectives: exchanging ideas, understanding each other and exploring possibilities. You will also find out how to handle situations in which leadership conversations don’t work. This will prevent you from suffering the frustration that derails many leaders.

The final class in the course will give you excellent instruction on how to be a champion of change in your organization. Find out how you can improve decisions and avoid micromanaging your team. This class includes a careful examination of the judgment process for making decisions and how raise the bar to push boundaries.


  • What makes you a unique leader?
  • How to turn a problem into an opportunity.
  • The leadership and management mindsets.
  • How to hold leadership conversations
  • How to be a champion of change.

About This Instructor

Berson, Alan

Alan Berson

From the halls of Wharton Executive Education to engaging clients at off-sites and giving evocative presentations and keynotes, Alan S. Berson gets clients to focus on what makes a difference in their lives and link this to their performance as managers and leaders. Berson is the co-author (along with Richard G. Stieglitz) of Leadership Conversations: Challenging High Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders. Berson earned a Wharton MBA and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from...

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